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Carey Kingsbury-Avalon
Carey Kingsbury-Avalon

Hey creative soul! I'm Carey. I help aspiring authors turn their passion into a published book in 90 days so they can help more people without all the idea drifting, self doubt, and industry overwhelm. I believe YOU can write your Legacy Book this year!

I developed the Passion to Published Author Process out of the frustration that came from writing my own book Joyful Juicing. Once I discovered the secrets of Focus and Flow I was able to finish my book in a few short weeks and my publisher (and fans) loved it!

Today I teach other creatives souls, just like you how to use my process to write a book, even if you have too many (or too little) ideas, are struggling to believe that your message is important enough (it is), or are simply confused about what your next step should be.

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